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Why Brand Photography is important

You might be asking ‘What is all this hype about a Brand Photography?’ Well I’m here to let you in on some ideas as to why one could really shape your business and you as the business owner. Firstly, what is Brand Photography? It’s “a collection of professional & customised images that represent the essence of a brand” (

A Brand photo shoot is an opportunity to showcase your passion, personality and process.. With the aim to create an emotional bond with your brand (and a lot of trust). We have all heard the notion that people are more likely to buy from someone that they trust and to create this trust through your mediums photos let your audience into a little of the personal side of the business, thus allowing them to feel they are a part of the story too.

Not only that but it focusses on story telling and communicates more about the human side of your brand, that is – who you are, what you do and how it feels to work with you (just to name a few).

The images you have created become a visual journey, and along with well crafted language, you can educate your audience about the many layers of your business and help them get a better sense of what your brand stands for.

People crave stories and connections to brands, which could include showcasing your best work, to demonstrating the process of how you work with your clients, to sharing your unique personality – all in a brand photo shoot that help you stand out and get your audience’s attention.

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10 Reasons Why Personal Branding Photography is Important

In a nutshell here are some of the reasons why Brand Photography helps…
1. Strengthen your brand identity
People want to connect with you (hence my point 2), by sharing images of you behind the scenes, showing you and your team, it builds a picture of your business and brand. People can relate in some way.

2. You connect with more clients

Potential customers want to know who you, your story and why they should support you (that is, buy from your business). Give them a reason to want to see you and hear all about your daily ins and outs, why you do what you do and how you will keep on doing it!

3. Bring awareness to your offering

People are naturally drawn to seeing images of other people, but showing other shots of you working or doing other things outside of work helps to pique peoples interest in you. What would you share about you with your clients that may have them thinking a little differently about you?

4. Differentiate yourself from your competition

There is no better way to show how much you are different from the competition than to show your face – this is celebrating you and showing how you are already different from your competition because of what you are willing to share with your community. I guess, being a bit vulnerable here! Brene Brown would be impressed! Put yourself out there, girlfriend!

5. Creates positive word of mouth

Yes, people love to share and talk and having great images or ones that are memorable will definately get you out there with your customers happy to talk about you positively!

6. Build a strong identifiable brand

Personalised images creates a brand of trust, reliability, personality and uniqueness. You can’t do that with bland Canva images that just state what you do, you need to show it with people shots. Remember, a picture tells a thousand words!

7. Connect with your target audience

There is a reason why customers have chosen you in the past, they can relate to you and your business. Most likely their values align with yours and thats why. As mentioned earlier, connection is a basic human need and in todays world we crave it more than ever. Give your customers some love and connect with them through your photos and videos.

8. Create consistent content

Okay, we are all guilty of not being able to do this at all times. I mean, unless you have a nanny, in-house chef, and cleaner, then you’re going to fall off the wagon every now and then. However, when you have a library of images it helps to provoke social media post ideas.

9. Photos that are reflective of you and your values

As mentioned earlier in #7, people do want to align with others who’s values are similar because they then ‘think’ in the same way. Personalised photos will show these values so you can connect to the customers who will love you and want to buy from you. I’ve been amazed over the years at all of my lovely clients and I like to think that I have attracted like minded people because of the way I put myself out there.

10. Allow you to create familiarity = trust

Over time people begin to feel they ‘know’ you and it’s been shown that when a brand builds this trust over time through messages and images there is a level of loyalty built even before a customer has purchased from the business. You might think some things to share may be insignificant but remember some customers have no clue as to who you are and what you stand for. Go for it!!!

You know the time is right to book a Brand Photographer in…

The ideal times when a Brand Photo shoot is the right next step for you & your business…

> You are launching a new business or website – fabulous updated & relevant photo
> You are launching a new course or offering
> You are rebranding new messaging or a new position in the market
> Your business has undergone a physical transformation – think new you, new space
> New press & publicity opportunities (podcasts, books, news articles)
> When you decide to become a Champion and promote yourself an expert (yes, you have all that you need except a bunch of updated photos that truly reflect your journey to becoming the amazing person you are!!)

So there you have it – just some of the reasons you might want to consider good ones to take that next step of getting a photo shoot. And if the thought of a photo shoot gives you butterflies then jump over here to read my article on 6 Props to Make you Feel Less Awkward on a Personal Brand Photo shoot.

Personal Brand Photoshoot Adelaide

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Carly Mangan, owner of Photography by Carly, has been photographing Weddings, Families and Business Events, owners and branding photo shoots for over 19 years. Reach out to Carly here.