Photography by Carly

Photography by Carly       Brighton  South Australia ph 0401 989 984

Vasso of The Connected Leadership Co.

Personal Brand Photo shoot – Adelaide City

Adelaide Personal Brand Photography by Carly

I first met Vasso at an Adelaide Women’s Networking event many many years ago and I was in awe of the presence she created when at these events. She had a natural flair for making everyone feel comfortable within their own skin. And she was genuinely interested in every person she met! Catching up with Vasso is like meeting up with an old friend, that beautiful comfortableness you get with someone you have known for ages. Vasso radiates energy and passion and it was awesome to be in her company.

More than a headshot photoshoot

Vasso was setting up a new website and felt that she needed to put herself on the cover more than she had ever in the past (enter major discomfort zone!). We felt that the city was where she was best to capture the photos for her shoot as there would be a great mix of urban and greenery to break up the harshness (that sometimes comes with buildings). Changing outfits a few times gave Vasso a little more variety in the end so she can use the shots for a mix of website, social media and LinkedIn communications.

During the shoot I shared the photos with Vasso so she could instantly see what shots she liked and what worked for her. Like any shoot, it’s an ongoing process during the shoot to fine tune your poses/ looks and movement. It’s important to me that my client feels super comfortable during the shoot and are engaged so they adjust to what feels most like them. We all have a favourite side or angle we preferred to be captured and it’s a matter of working with that along with mixing it up so you have some different shots that you may not have possibly thought of doing.

You can meet Vasso over on her website at The Connected Leadership Co.