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How to nail your professional headshot like a lawyer

Lawyer Headshot Photoshoot – Adelaide City

Top 3 tips from Carly of Photography by Carly

Lawyer Headshot photoshoot Adelaide

I recently captured Lawyer, Dina from Moloney & Partners. She wanted a simple headshot for her new role at the company. Upon working with Dina I realised how many people are intensely uncomfortable being in front of the camera! Initially we captured her inside the building, in the main meeting room, however upon finishing I suggested we head outside to capture a few more natural shots of Dina. I could sense once we stepped outside that she was instantly more relaxed.

Despite all of the people walking past, Dina nailed the photo shoot!

Standing up is also another thing I find helps them to feel more at ease. Sitting is fine but generally people tend to be able to stand in a more relaxed pose and when you think about it, physically you are more scrunched up while sitting down but standing up allows you to hold yourself in a more.

How do I pose my business clients?

There are many aspects in how I approach my clients for their headshots. A few things I take into consideration, in the lead up to doing their photoshoot are:

  • Ask them where they are going to use the headshots – this can vary from Profile (think LinkedIn), to website use, social media, Author/Expert Profile use for blogs, books etc, or general email signature use – just to name a few.
  • What sort of background do they need? Do the photos need to blend with the rest of the office/company for example. Do they wish to mix it up with a building/wall backdrop with a nature one or a plain and simple backdrop? Again, this will go back to why they need the shots.
  • Photo Style – I ask my clients a wide range of questions about the sort of shot they want. What image do they want to portray? Who is their audience are they appealing to? This will lead to the sort of gestures we might play with. Each person I work with has different arm lengths, poses that are naturally them, looks and moves that feel more like them than me. Sometimes we just make it up as we go along but I will constantly guide them to change up their arms, head tilt, eye focus, etc.

These are just a few considerations I take on board when preparing me and my client for their photo shoot. The overarching goal I set myself is to make them feel amazing, super comfortable and to enjoy the process. Naturally, a lot of people don’t love to be in front of the camera (and I understand, I’m the same) but always are surprised as to how fun it actually was and the results we get.

Got any questions? Chat to me about a photoshoot you have in mind. I’d love to put you at ease and make it simple & easy.

Local Brighton Photographer, Carly Mangan

Carly Mangan, of Photography by Carly is a well known, local Brighton/ Adelaide photographer photographing people since 2004.