Photography by Carly

Photography by Carly       Brighton  South Australia ph 0401 989 984

Marion Headshot photographer

Marion Actor Profile Photoshoot

Nick approached me many weeks ago to have some headshots taken for an actor profile website he was about to join. We discussed the sort of location he wanted and type of shots he needed. The idea was to keep it really simple as it’s all about the ‘actor’ rather than the location! I suggested the Marion Cultural Library (a central meeting point we both live near) as it has a variety of surfaces that I thought would suit his backdrop requirements. However, upon arriving there it was completely covered up and being renovated!

No drama – we headed over to the Marion Swim Centre and used the variety of concrete walls and glass available. Nick was very happy with the results and the mix of shots we captured. Being an actor, Nick was able to pull all the smiles and seriousness when required!

Marion Headshot photographer
Marion Headshot photographer

Professional Headshot Photographer – Brighton, South Australia

Seacliff Headshot photographer

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