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6 Props to Help You Feel Less Awkward in a Branding Photo shoot

Well done, you’ve booked in your Personal Branding Photoshoot or you are looking at doing a Brand Photoshoot but are not feeling quite so comfortable! Well let me put you at ease, it’s really important to make my clients feel as comfortable as possible. I love incorporating various props to suit the types of brand photography so lets take a to look at what props we can use in your photo shoot. While every branding photo shoot is unique there are a couple of props that work well and are easy to incorporate into your photo shoot. It also adds some personality into your brand.

The following list is just a small sample of what you can incorporate into your Brand Photography shoot. Enjoy these tips!

1. Coffee/Tea

Coffee or Tea is one of my favourite go to’s as it’s usually on everyone’s love list (and lovely to have a cup during your branding photo shoot). Whether you have a favourite mug or branded cup we will create a relatable photo series.

Props coffee cup for personal brandingphoto shoot_Adelaide

2. Props relatable to your business

Incorporating props that relate to your business adds another dimension to your collection of personal brand photo gallery. Using props that are a part of your business reinforce what you do and give you something to hold. Think about what props might be handy when you are planning your personal branding photo shoot.

Props for personal branding photo shoots_Adelaide

3. Journals/ Books

I don’t know about you but I just love a good planner! That’s the organisational side of me coming out. Books, journals or planners are a great prop to add to your personal branding photo shoot as they add an element of professionalism, organisation and thoughtfulness.

Journal Book props for personal branding photo shoot

4. Handy Hands

Our hands do many things for us and quite frankly we’d be lost without them! I like to incorporate the use of hands in my clients photo shoots as they personalise the images and add a sense of warmth and connection when used well. They are also great at communicating certain messages.

Use of hands for personal business branding photo shoot_Adelaide

5. Mobile phones & laptops

Mobile phones have become very much a part of our businesses and a necessity. They make for great shots for contact pages, blog posts, newsletters and general communication use.

Mobile laptop props for personal branding photo shoot_Adelaide
Mobile laptop props for personal branding photo shoot_Adelaide

6. Natural Props

Shooting outdoors is my favourite place as I simply adore being out in nature. Incorporating natural props into photoshoots adds a connection vibe to the photoshoot as you can see below with both branding photo shoots. The top one was photographed in Port Noarlunga and the bottom one Kuipto Forest. Both clients here were after a natural approach to reflect their businesses but also of them and their style.

Natural props for personal branding photo shoot Port Noarlunga

So there you have it, 6 props to make you feel more comfortable when having your Business/ Personal Brand Photography session. Before all of my photo shoots I meet with each client to go over their branding and create a visual brainstorm board so we hit the ground running.

Thanks to my clients shown here who happily agreed to let me show off some of their photos. Each of these wonderful women ran their own businesses – from Naturopathy, Mindset Coaching, Leadership Coach, Counsellor/ NLP Practitioner & Blogger.

Professional Brand Photographer – Carly Mangan –

Carly specialises in outdoor brand photography where she incorporates beautiful nature and landscapes into her work to give her clients a unique & natural approach in their business visual photography. You can chat to Carly here to discuss your business photography and what you need to stand out from the competition. Click over here to read about the Importance of Brand Photography or here for my information on Professional Brand Photography.