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James’ Sneaky Proposal Photoshoot

Down the Rabbit Hole, McLaren Vale

Proposal Photography by Carly

A month before their trip to Adelaide James reached out to me to discuss the possibility of capturing his proposal to girlfriend, Georgie. Together we came up with a plan of action!!

The plan was for me to come down to the restaurant, Down the Rabbit Hole in McLaren Vale while they were finishing their lunch, I would be meandering around the venue ‘taking photos’ and once they finished they would take a walk around the gardens and I would be in the area once he was ready to pop the question!!

Well things don’t always go to plan -I took photos around the venue, even of them eating their lunch (Georgie was none the wiser – see the gallery below), and looked at all the sweet spots where James could potentially propose! Well the lunch turned out to be really really long (lol – and hey they were on holiday so why not!) and then rain decided to set in (and it was seriously not going anywhere! And I’m not talking about a little bit of rain, it was pretty heavy!). So while I waited it out (in the double decker bus on site – where you can do delicious tastings) James messaged me that the hanging seat would be the next best ‘dry’ option. The plan was I would come into the restaurant where he would ask me to take their photo on the hanging seat as they were going to leave.

Georgia was most embarrassed that James asked me, but of course I was more than happy to oblige! So she handed me her phone so I could get a sweet snap, It’s funny because either Georgia or I flicked it into video mode upon hand over and I thought well why not, I’ll capture it on video while I take photos on my camera. And that’s exactly what I did! James held Georgia and began to ask her, the look on her face as she realised what was happening was gold. She went from completely gob smacked to overwhelm, to pure joy and happiness! And was bouncing around, kissing & hugging James. Seriously, it was the sweetest thing to be a part of ever. I love being involved in weddings but this was the cream on top! I truly felt honoured to be there to capture this very special moment. And I didn’t even say but the answer was clearly a ‘yes’ from Georgia!! She didn’t see it coming and I think that’s what made it all very cool.

The staff at Down the Rabbit Hole were all over the marriage proposal photo shoot and would wink at me every time they passed me plus they were so helpful and generous (offering me coffee while I waited etc!). I now have this place on my agenda to get down there in the next few months for a lunch out with my hubby! I can’t wait. Until then, congratulations Georgia and James! Well pulled off James!

Adelaide Wedding Photographer Carly Mangan

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