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Wedding Photography FAQ’s

What can I expect from my wedding photographer?

Are you starting to plan your wedding for 2024? Planning a wedding is a pretty big task and can feel overwhelming. Your wedding day photography should not be a hard task to achieve with the right person. I’ve outlined many of the frequently asked questions I get asked. I believe you should be able to ask a tonne of questions of your photographer and I am here for any questions you may have.

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I have no idea how long we might need you for our wedding day? Can you provide guidance on time frame?

Yes, you bet, I find it best to discuss the timeframe to start with, eg your ceremony start time, your reception start time and then how the other photos will fit in around these important parts of your day! We discuss your family & friends shots, getting ready beforehand, bridal party shots afterwards etc etc. I provide an itinerary and guidance so you capture all of your wedding day feels so you have peace of mind you will achieve all that you want without being overwhelmed.

When does the photography time start?

My time begins from the very first destination I arrive at and all travel between locations is included within the overall arranged time frame. I am flexible and let my clients know that sometimes the timeframe can get pushed out of which I happily can stay for extra time if required.

Do you have a second shooter?

I don’t have a permanent second shooter but do have one should I need one for large photo shoots. I find with my ninja like skills I can capture all of the images you need with just me!

Do we need a full day of photography?

No, not necessarily, it depends on what you have planned and want photographed.. I photograph weddings from 3 hours up to 6 (or more if required). Many weddings are smaller and clients do not want all of the preliminary getting ready shots for example, they prefer to have the ceremony captured and then photos afterwards. In this case I capture single photos of my clients post wedding so we have a mix of shots for them to enjoy

Can we photography all of the family at our wedding day?

Totally!!! Yes yes and yes! I encourage it! I love capturing all of the family groups and will ensure we get all of the groups you want. In fact, I request a list (not essential but it helps) so on the day I can use that as my guide and you can relax and not have to chase people to be in various shots. It’s the last thing you need to be thinking about! Let us do the running around!!

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Do you include all of the images in your collections?

Yes! I love to give my clients as many of the photos possible. Obviously, there are many photos taken out due to duplication, blinking or a shot that would not be of value. For 3 hours I generally provide 250+ images and up to 800+ for 6 hours. It does depend on how much you have on your day and what you want photographed. I will go hard to provide you with as many beautiful moments, especially the ones in between!

Ho much do you charge?

My 3 hour weddings start at $1,650 and up to $3,250 for 6 hours. I can tailor a photo shoot collection for you if you require and extra hours can also be added. I often get asked to do small weddings for an hour and can accommodate, just message me. And as mentioned, the digital images are provided in my collections on a gorgeous timber USB.

How much do you charge for extra time?

I charge $200 per hour but this also includes the editing and extra images to your collection.

How long it will take to get our photos after the wedding?

Your photo album app (this is an app for your phone that showcases a collection of your wedding day photography) is prepared within a week and generally I get my clients work to them within 3-4 weeks.

Do you outsource the editing of our photos?

No, I have been editing my weddings myself ever since I have been photographing in digital format. I sort and edit all of my clients work myself to ensure the images fit my photography style and vision. I love the more classic, timeless look as various filters can date wedding photos very quickly and it is my goal to provide my clients with beautiful photos that they will look back on favourably rather than cringe at!

Do you provide photo books?

Yes, I do. I love to create photo books for my clients. With many people short on time I have found it quicker to do a photo book layout and then arrange the printing. Many people have the intention but life gets in the way. Also I use a professional printer in Sydney for quality ensured photo books.

Is the quality of the images received good enough to print ourselves?

Yes, they are. I shoot in RAW and convert them to JPEG for my clients at the highest export quality. This is because jpeg is easily printable at photo labs around Australia. I can also arrange for the printing of any photo prints or thank you cards.

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Can we meet with you on zoom or in person?

Yes, I am happy to do either. I am located in Hove, near Brighton so depending on where you are, a zoom call may be better? As mentioned earlier, I am more than happy to chat with you about what you have in mind for your wedding day and help you capture your vision. I believe that it’s a team effort and I can help your ideas come to life with the right planning and thus help capture those beautiful memories of your wedding day.

Got more questions? Shoot me a message on my contact page and I’m happy to answer any you have!

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