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Silvestris Wedding Photographer

Silvestris Wedding

Ruth & Perry – Claredon

Silvestris in Clarendon is one wedding venue that never fails to disappoint!! I love going there and capturing my clients because I know most of the hard work has been done for me- the garden!! So when I met Ruth & Perry and they told me their venue I was over the moon. And as a relaxed, family focussed couple it suited them to a tee. (And personally as an avid gardener myself I take absolute pleasure in such sculptured plants and bushes!)

But gardens aside the celebrations were gorgeous and intimate with their closest family & friends. Ruth looked stunning in her wedding gown and her three girls were so adorable. Their ceremony was personal, fun and beautiful.

Carly Mangan, owner of Photography by Carly, has been photographing weddings and families for over 19 years and is proudly based in Brighton, South Australia. Happily photographing people all over Adelaide!