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Aldinga Beach Family Photo shoot – Keera & Tim’s Twins

Keera’s mum contacted me to arrange a Family Photoshoot Gift Voucher for her daughter and son in-law with their two year old twins! 

We arranged to do their family photoshoot at Aldinga beach as they spend a lot of time there. This is something I always ask my clients because I love the idea of you always having photos in a place you regularly go to, so you always have captured memories to look back on.

I knew working with twin two year olds could potentially be challenging (but I too was going through the two year old phase with my own daughter at the time). So my thought was to go with the flow to a point and try to structure the shoot where I could. I always work with a plan in mind – what shots I would want to capture ideally and then the rest was candid!

After shooting against the scrub of Aldinga beach where the light was so divine! It was like there was a filter in the sky – very hazy, not cloudy, creating a beautiful soft light, without the harshness. To me -perfect. Blended with the greens of the scrub backdrop I was in heaven! And the kids were sitting with mum and dad for the most part! Okay – Tim did have to tell them to search for dinosaur eggs to get them to the area but hey – whatever works!

We did head down to the beach for some closer to the water shots (at the risk of having the kids getting super wet) but they didn’t go in and we were able to head back up the beach for a few last shots. The aim was to get shots of them hugging or close together – well they ran up and down towards the water around 10+ times and eventually it clicked and we got the shot! Overall it was a gorgeous shoot and all done under 40 minutes. The kids still had energy but more importantly, so did Keera and Tim! They loved the photos and I’m happy to share the gallery of a small selection here. Enjoy.

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